Circumtec supplies hardware, software and support to enable vending businesses to be run efficiently and profitably.

The days of vending machines only needing to cater for cash purchases are long gone. Today, more purchases than ever are made with credit or debit cards, and this trend is expected to continue with strong growth. Circumtec offers a range of cashless payment services to provide more convenience to vending machine customers and increased profitability to business owners, resulting from both increased sales and the chance of theft removed by secure cashless transactions.

Circumtec also provides a Back to Base telemetry monitoring system that allows you to efficiently control and operate your vending business.

Our telemetry and cashless systems are fully integrated. There are no set-up costs and just one low monthly fee. Full training and support is provided from our Melbourne office.

Cashless Payment System

Circumtec’s cashless payment systems are easily installed on your vending machine’s integrated pay station. Payments can be made by swiping, inserting or using payWave or PayPass with credit or debit cards, as well as pre-paid cards for controlled environment settings such as workplaces or gyms. Any Visa, MasterCard or debit card can be accepted.

Our systems offer:

  • Simple hardware installation
  • Integration with other hardware
  • The ability to access sales data remotely and in real-time
  • Detailed financial and sales reporting
  • Integrated Google mapping.


  • Decreased costs associated with cash handling, administration, collection and banking
  • Increased sales from customers who don’t have cash or prefer cashless transactions
  • Compatibility with MiFare/ RFID cards and keys
  • Reporting and configuration software provided over the internet – no need to invest in costly software licences.


Payments to Business Owners

Circumtec charges a monthly service fee for the SIM card and server usage that provides the credit card facility and telemetry functions for you. We have an approved aggregation system that means there is no requirement for you to open a Merchant or Gateway account and pay the associated fees. With our system, you simply nominate a bank account for the funds to be paid into and they are transferred from the ANZ Bank to your account on a weekly basis.

The Circumtec cashless system will drive sales, improve convenience for your customers and reduce theft, cash handling requirements and costs for your business.

Monitoring System

The efficient management of a vending machine is vital for the success of your vending business. Our Back to Base (B2B) telemetry monitoring system puts you in control of your vending machine business and operations by allowing you to monitor your machines from any device that has an internet connection.

Our telemetry system can be tailored to fit any vending requirement. Its many features and functions give you the ability to customise your inventory, maintain a location list, monitor sales and know when your machine needs restocking.

B2B allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • View the real-time inventory in your machines for each product.
  • Receive instant alerts if your machine is running low on products.
  • Run sales reports to improve your knowledge of product placements and consumption patterns.
  • Create efficient and time-saving restock lists, so your drivers know exactly when and where to go and what to take with them.
  • Access financial reporting, including turnover and margin analysis by machine and product.
  • See all machines displayed on a map and colour-coded to indicate stock or cash status.


  • Reconcile cash expected to cash collected.
  • Reduce stockholding and van inventory by pre-picking stock.
  • Improve productivity by only visiting machines requiring attention.
  • Spend less time on-site, so that you can visit more machines.
  • Save on fuel costs – less wasted journeys, lighter van loads.
  • Improve sales by identifying and removing slow-moving products.


Our systems are fully maintained, all software upgrades are free, and all hardware comes with a standard 12-month warranty.