Noticed Circumtec Mentone on your bank statement?

If you’ve seen a charge from Circumtec Mentone on your credit or debit card statement and are wondering what it’s for, there’s no need to worry – it’s not an error. A Circumtec Mentone charge will be for a credit or debit card purchase through a vending machine, car wash, laundromat, dog wash or other similar machine.

We run the cashless payment systems for many of these types of machines throughout Australia. Even though it will say ‘Circumtec Mentone’ on your statement, the purchase could have been made at any of the machines that have our system.

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Welcome to Circumtec

Circumtec is an Australian-based provider of hardware, software and support for vending businesses, including vending machines, car washes, laundromats and dog washes. These days, consumers want to make more purchases with credit or debit cards, and business operators who are not offering a cashless payment option to their customers are missing out on sales. Circumtec’s cashless payment systems provide more convenience to customers and increased efficiency, sales and profitability for businesses. Circumtec also provides a state-of-the-art monitoring and management system with a host of data gathering and reporting functions. We provide comprehensive and local customer support from our premises in Mentone, Victoria, where we also develop our products. Circumtec welcomes feedback from customers to help us make sure our systems and services remain innovative, efficient and user friendly.

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Grow profits


Enhance customer convenience


Boost productivity


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Our Services

For efficient and profitable vending businesses

Circumtec provides hardware, software and support for vending businesses. Our easily installed cashless payment systems give convenience to customers and grow business profits and include a state-of-the-art telemetry monitoring system.

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Circumtec’s ‘one-stop-shop’ car wash solutions provide convenient and secure cashless payment systems for all aspects of your car wash business: automatic and self-serve car washes, vacuum, fragrance and vending machines, and dog wash machines too.

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Circumtec’s easily installed cashless payment systems allow laundromat customers to use credit or debit cards to pay for services. Grow sales and increase profits with this convenient and secure payment solution.

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